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XML Shareable Playlist Format (XSPF), pronounced spiff, is a next-generation playlist format. This wiki is for developers.

The mime type for XSPF playlists is application/xspf+xml, although it has not yet been registered with IANA.

New Supporting Applications

These are applications which support XSPF and have not yet been added to the [[1][main applications list]].

  * Jamendo (jamendo.com)
     * 'You have to be a member and to select "XSPF" in your preferences to use them by default, but you can look and test a sample playlist here :' http://www.jamendo.com/get/track/id/album/audio/xspf/1003/?aue=ogg2
  * http://www.ArtistServer.com
     * on artist profile pages http://www.artistserver.com/bliss
     * on stations and playlists http://www.artistserver.com/stations/
     * on genre pages http://www.artistserver.com/DownTempo
  * Project Opus http://projectopus.com
     * see http://www.projectopus.com/new-player for details
     * includes modified version of Fabricio's player
  * Lacy Morrow's modified version of Fabricio's player:
     * project home and documentation at http://blog.geekkid.net/2006/04/xspf-files.html
     * example in action at http://geekkid.net/jukebox/
  * trend of XSLT for xspf to html example 
     * http://dokerlund.edhsweb.org/wordpress/archives/23 is announce
     * http://dokerlund.edhsweb.org/wordpress/xspf/media/playlist.xml is in practice


XSPF Conformance Tests

XSPF Wish List

See also

This wiki is new as of spring 2005; are you looking for the old XSPF wiki?)