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Here you'll find all mobile players known to natively support Vorbis.

When updating this information, please consider these guidelines: Use the term Vorbis not OGG . Add information about other Xiph-codecs such as Speex, FLAC, and Theora. Do not add information about non-Xiph-codecs such as MP3, WMA, or WAV.

This page contains a handy overview table of recent portable players that support Vorbis. Very detailed descriptions of these and many more players (old and new) are available on these sub-pages:

Portable Vorbis Native Support Table

Brand Model Additional Xiph codecs FM Voice Rec Interface USB Mass storage MTP Built-in Capacity (GB) Additional Capacity via Storage Type Estim. battery life other Estimated price In Production?
SanDisk Sansa Clip FLAC yes yes USB 2.0 yes yes 8 Flash 8 h 28g weight 50 Eur  ?
SanDisk Sansa Clip+ FLAC yes yes USB 2.0 yes yes 8 MicroSD Flash 11 h 25g weight 50 Eur Yes, as of 2010.06
Cowon iAudio U5 FLAC yes yes USB yes no 8 Flash 8 h 85 USD(?)  ?
Cowon iAudio 9 FLAC yes yes USB ? yes yes 8 no Flash 30 h 42g weight, video 139 Eur Yes, as of 2010.04
Trekstor iBeat Organix 2.0 yes USB 2.0 yes no 8 Flash 50 h 50 Eur  ?
HTC Hero yes USB 2.0 yes 8 MicroSD Flash Yes, as of 2010.04
Insenso Music Twister no yes USB ? yes no 4 no Flash 9 21 g 30 Eur Yes, as of 2010.04

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