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CD/DVD Audio Players

Freemax's FW-960

This CD-R portable supports Ogg Vorbis playback out of the box. It has 48 hours of WMA playback if an external battery pack (2 AA batteries) is used. The FreeMax FW-960 is also known as the mpman MP-CD550.

Havin's (link dead) Exonion HVC-400E, Princeton's Pocket Beat airCD

The Havin HVC-400E, also known as the Princeton airCD is probably on sale in Japan since late November, 2003.

iRiver iMP-250, iMP-350, iMP-400, iMP-550, iMP-700(T)

Ogg Vorbis is supported only through latest beta firmwares, still some bitrate restriction which may vary depending on the model (min=96kbps, max=160kbps). The iMP-550 supports maximum bitrate up to 256kps (still 96kbps as minimum). Also note the latest iMP-450 does not support OGG for the moment, a future upgrade may correct this... The iMP-700T with firmware 1.40 supports bitrates between 96 and 210 kbps, and .ogg files are generally not as loud as .mp3 files.

Roadstar PCD-5960WOMPT

Samsung's MCD-CM600

The MCD-CM600 is now available in Korea. It is a CD portable that can play Vorbis, MP3, and WMA.

Mobile Phones

Android-based phones

All Android devices including phones support Vorbis out-of-the-box. Here are some examples with references:


Third-party efforts are porting the CorePlayer and the VLC player


Openmoko produces phones with hardware and software as open as possible. They run GNU/Linux and software players such as mplayer and ogg123 can be used for vorbis playback. Because it runs GPL'ed software, ogg theora is also supported (but needs to be encoded with low frame rate as described at Openmoko wiki).

Samsung introduced phones on the 2006 3GSM that play .ogg files: SGH-i320 and SPH-S4300

Also, Samsung i900 Omnia is known to play Vorbis, in Windows Media Player only. Samsung SGH-i200, also plays Vorbis. The Samsung Galaxy S2 plays Vorbis too!

SymbianOS based mobile phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola, Samsung etc.

Plays Vorbis files with the third-party, open source Symbian OggPlay Software. For supported mobile phones please visit the project website. The software works very well — even the still-in-development version which is strongly recommended. There is also a plugin to Symbian itself. See also VorbisSoftwarePlayers#Symbian.

Windows Mobile based phones

see VorbisSoftwarePlayers#PocketPC


See StaticPlayers page.



You can install special Linux distribution on almost all of Apple iPods. In combination with Podzilla jukebox software it plays OGG (and many more audio file formats).

PDAs / Cell Phones / Game Consoles

Other devices that run software to play Ogg Vorbis can be used as portable players as well. Please go to VorbisSoftwarePlayers page for more information.

Rockbox alternative firmware for iPods and other DAPs

The Rockbox project works hard to provide an alternative firmware for some portable players. Rockbox has a rich feature set that is hard to find elsewhere, including gapless playback, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and even Musepack support. Currently many models by iRiver, Archos, Ipod, Cowon(iAudio X5, X5V, X5L, M5 and M5l), SanDisk(Sansa c200, e200 and e200R series) and Toshiba(Gigabeat X and F series) are supported.

Rockbox Player - Free/Open hardware audio player (DAP) and recorder

There is ongoing efforts to design and build a Free/Open hardware audio player (DAP) and recorder, for use with RockBox firmware. Developer interested in participating are encouraged to visit the project page.

NAViBLUE NBC3500 GPS Navigation Device

According to [1]

TomTom Navigation software (mentioned on e.g. [2]) and hardware systems