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This Namespace is used to group everything related to Xiph infrastructure. It aims to provide information about the services in use by Xiph and on which server each of them is hosted.

List of services

Below is a list of all services, if anything is missing, add it to the List of services page.

Service URL VM Host Maintainer(s)
AreWeCompressedYet https://arewecompressedyet.com awcy catfish TD-Linux
Git Repos https://git.xiph.org mf4 ePirat, rillian
Home Pages https://people.xiph.org mf4
Icecast Streams http://dir.xiph.org mf4 tbr
Icecast Streams (Beta) http://dir-test.xiph.org catfish ePirat, tbr
Jenkins https://mf4.xiph.org/jenkins/ jenkins mf4 TD-Linux
Mail xiph.org mailfish catfish ePirat, tbr
MailMan http://lists.xiph.org mailfish catfish ePirat, tbr
Media https://media.xiph.org beaufish TD-Linux, rillian
Opus Boodler Streams https://opus-codec.org mf4 gmaxwell
Rietveld https://review.xiph.org jenkins mf4 TD-Linux
Social https://social.xiph.org social catfish tbr
Subversion Repos https://svn.xiph.org mf4 rillian
Trac Bug Tracker https://trac.xiph.org mf4 tbr
Wiki https://wiki.xiph.org wiki catfish ePirat
Xiph Mirror Repos https://github.com/xiph ePirat, rillian
XiphBot-ng XiphWiki on freenode.net mf4 TD-Linux
Gitlab https://gitlab.xiph.org gitlab catfish ePirat, tbr, TD-Linux, rillian

External services

Service URL Users with admin rights
Github https://github.com TD-Linux, unlord, ePirat