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Recently a Gitlab test instance was setup and it was decided to migrate to it.

Trac tickets migration

All relevant trac tickets should have been migrated, unfortunately during Gitlab updates and some issue with the migration tool, the comments for the tickets got lost. The old trac is still available in read-only mode for the time being so you can look up missing information there.

How to login

All trac users that had at least one ticket were migrated, if possible. Some users had no email address associated. Passwords could not be migrated. To get access to your account, do a password reset, the password will be sent to your email. In case you know or suspect the email associated with your account is wrong, or if you get no password reset email, please contact ePirat, either via IRC or email.


You can find the repositories in the Xiph group. Currently most projects are only mirrored to Gitlab, only some repos are migrated to Gitlab yet, those are:

The already migrated repos are mirrored back to the old git.xiph.org repo, to not break old URLs yet. Pushed to git.xiph.org are rejected for already migrated repos, to prevent diverging histories.

Feel free to look through the content that is currently there though and claim your commits, to do so, just make sure that the e-mail used to do the commit is associated with your account. You can add emails here.