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These links usually point to the page with instructions on how to subscribe to a audiocast (= podcast), not to the audiocast's main homepage. We don't link directly to the feed url because they tend to move around, because the audiocasts like having people visit their websites, and this way you can compare Vorbis with the other legacy proprietary codecs many of these audiocasts still use.


  • Deimhart - A german language audiocast about Linux, Ubuntu and Open Source which got a European Podcast Award in 2011.
  • Linux Outlaws - A weekly audiocast about releases, news (including MS and Apple watch), interviews and reviews.
  • TuxRadar - A weekly audiocast about Linux related news, releases and opinionated discussions.


Audiocasts that are still available but do not produce new episodes.

  • NerdTV - Interview audiocast with famous guests from computer/internet history (e.g. the 'inventor' of TCP). Sponsored bei PBS.
  • Open Voices - Interview audiocast by the Linux Foundation, featuring interviews with guests like Linus Torvalds, open source people from Mozilla etc.