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What is it?

Subtle is a subtitling application designed and built for professional use. It tries to comply with all the needs of a professional translator and the field industry standards.

Project History

This project was initiated as a GSoC project in 2006. After some time, the project developer left and the project got frozen in time. The current project developer was looking for a multiplatform opensource subtitling solution when he came accross Souffleur (the project former name) and decided to pick the project up from where it was left.
Since there was no history on the real project intentions other then its main goal, this current maitainer has given new directions to it and the project became what it is right now.

Current Status

We are struggling to get the first binary release. I have made too many promises about dates before, so right now I wil stick to this year dead line, afterall, we all have jobs, wifes, kids... :)


Sorry yet to come since they are not really defined clearly


For those who want to dive into the wild of alpha testing, here is the svn location
For those interested on Souffleur (the old version)


Joao Mesquita - Main developer
Mariana Zir - Professional translator that is helping to specify the software