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  • ...n XML parser which would derive from the rest of the bos packet what to do with it. ...ce before the XML starts, identifying the particular stream type, probably with a version number which will imply the contents to be some form of XML. CMML
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  • ''This page is part of the Xiph Wiki, and is aimed at people developing file formats and associated software for Ambisonics. For an general introduction yet come up with a way for Ambisonics to improve 5.1; 5.1 is simply too broken.
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  • ...heora players (without troubleshooting or discussion) with links to vendor pages can be found on the [[TheoraSoftwarePlayers|Theora Software Players page]]. ...lement via Javascript, wait for it to load, then replace the current video with the new one. Unfortunately, HTML5 gives no way to prevent the original vid
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