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Samsung produce a range of players, many of whch support Ogg to a greater or lesser degree.


The YP-T6 is an incredibly small flash player with 128/256/512/1024 MB storage, has a mic and FM radio and supports MP3, WMA (DRM) and Ogg Vorbis. The YP-T6 has problems to play ogg-files created with older encoder-versions.


The YP-T7 has either 512MB or 1GB capacity and supports the same audio formats, which also applies to the YP-F1. It can display JPEGs on its color display.


The YP-T9 supports Ogg Vorbis, but uses the MTP protocol to transfer files.


The YP-C1 has similar specs, including Ogg support; at the time of writing, it seems to be readily available only in Korea and China.


The YP-53, a small flash player with 128/256/512/1024 MB storage, mic, USB 2.0 and FM radio, supports MP3, WAV, WMA(DRM), Ogg Vorbis(-q >= 0) with Firmware 1.200.


The YP-U1 is a small (2,38 x 8,78 x 1,35 cm, ~32g) flash player with 128/256/512/1024/2048 MB storage. The player has a LCD b/w display and an integrated accumulator that is charged via USB. It supports USB2.0 and has an integrated USB-plug that can be flipped in and out, so no cable or adapter is needed. Besides OGG the YP-U1 supports MP3, ASF and WMA (and directory structures).


The YP-U2 sold in the US (YP-U2J) does not support OGG playback at all, despite what the website claims. Flashing an international firmware for the YP-U2XB allows OGG playback on US models (it also turns the player into a USB drive, so that WM10 isn't required to transfer files over. Note that certain international firmwares may remove the FM radio feature or hang the YP-U2J. See the appropriate link below for info on getting a hold of the correct OGG-compatible firmware.


The YP-Z5 is a player with color screen, 1/2/4 GB flash memory, USB 2.0 and MP3/WMA/ASF support. OGG is also supported (firmware versions 1.06US, 2.28US), but not officially mentioned on the manufacturers website.