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== Harddisk Storage ==
This page contains detailed descriptions of portable harddisk players supporting ogg vorbis playback. For an overview support matrix see the [[PortablePlayers#Portable Vorbis Native Support Table|Vorbis Native Support Table]].
=== [http://www.airlinktek.com/ AL Tech's] MG-25, MG-35, MG350HD ===
=== [http://www.airlinktek.com/ AL Tech's] MG-25, MG-35, MG350HD ===

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This page contains detailed descriptions of portable harddisk players supporting ogg vorbis playback. For an overview support matrix see the Vorbis Native Support Table.

AL Tech's MG-25, MG-35, MG350HD

The Mediagate MG-25 is a portable HDD that supports also media playback. It uses a 2,5" disk and USB2.0 to connect, and supports MPEG-1/-2/-4, DivX, Xvid, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, JPG. It can upsample to HDTV, has composite, component and s-video outs, stereo and a digital out. Remote control is included. The MG-35 uses a 3,5" HDD instead, supports WMA and ethernet. The MG350HD uses a 3,5" HDD as well and supports HDTV. There is a wiki page with an faq here.

Apple's iPod*

*The native iPod firmware doesn't support Ogg Vorbis. You can, however, install RockBox or iPodLinux on all Apple iPod models (except for the Shuffle and Nano 2nd gen). RockBox supports tags, and a number of other formats. The larger iPod models have up to 80 GB HDDs.

Boghe Vip20

The Vip20 seems to be similar to the iBeat 500 from TrekStor and Xclef HD-800. It has the same features: MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg Vorbis decoding plus 20 GB storage.

Creative Mind (CMTECH)'s U250

Seems to be a Korean supplier to Samsung who also sells own branded players. Works as pendrive, encodes MP3 from line-in (same jack as the headphone), FM radio and microphone. Has built in loudspeaker. Plays back Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and WMA. Does not display ISO-885902 accented characters from my VorbisComments. :-(

Commodore's eVic

The eVic has 20GB storage and plays WMA (incl. DRM), MP3 and Ogg Vorbis. It can record voice and music, and has USB host functionality. In Hardware version M03-002, firmware 2.203 serious problems with ogg playback while using the Equalizer are present (disturbing crackling noises). (An email inquiry to Commodore International Corporation replied "eVic's new firmware is still developing. The new version will safe the issue with ogg playback while using the Equalizer.") USB host functionality seems not to be implemented yet at all.

COWON America's Dvico TViX2

This is a rather unique device; a multimedia jukebox, music tank, photo album and last but not least a portable storage. It is bigger than usual portable devices, but has also a lot more options. It can connect to the PC (USB 2.0), TV (S-Video, Composite), stereos and 5.1 surround systems (Coaxial/Optical) and comes with a remote control. Supported video formats are DVD (MPEG-2), VCD (MPEG-1), DivX, Xvid. Supported Audio formats are MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis (and mkv with firmware upgrade). It can display JPEG pictures on the TV. It is available without a harddrive, or equipped with harddrive sizes up to 200 GB.

Cowon iAudio M3, M5, X5, A2, 6, 7

The iAudio M3 is a portable harddisk player with either 20 or 40 GB of storage. It has a built-in FM radio and mic. It supports MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and WAV and even FLAC with the newest firmware upgrade. See this IGN article for more info. The M5 has 20 GB storage and supports the same formats. The X5 is similarly designed (storage sizes of 20GB, 30GB, 60GB) and can play MPEG-4 videos. It has a 1.8 inch LCD with 260,000 colors and USB OTG (On-The-Go) feature. The A2 is released in November 2005 and is a widescreen mobile video player. It has a 480 x 272 pixel screen and supports the above metioned set of audio, video and image formats. The tiny iAudio 6 features a 4 Gb 0.85" harddisk and supports both OGG and FLAC. The M3, M5, X5, and A2 (probably the 6 as well) all act as USB mass storage devices, which means they are supported by Linux and Mac. The software is windows-only, though.
Comment tag support — The iaudio X5 supports the artist (limited length), album, and title comment tags.

Digital Mind Corporation's DMC 8280

The 8280 has 20 GB or 30 GB storage, plays Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and WMA. Standard feature set; this player does not excel in any area but price. USB mass storage compliant — you can put songs on it from non-Windows computers, but full indexing of the songs for reference by artist etc. requires Windows.

Emtec's Movie Cube

The Movie Cube comes with a 2,5" HDD with 40 or 80 GB size. It supports the playback of various audio and video formats including Ogg Vorbis. The package includes some AV cables and a remote control.

Freecom's MediaPlayer-3, Network MediaPlayer-35 Drive-In

The MediaPlayer-3 is again sort of an external HDD that can play media without a PC. It supports DivX, MP3, MPEG-4, AVI, WMA, ASF and Ogg Vorbis. The product with the complicated name Network MediaPlayer-35 Drive-In is an enhanced version of the MediaPlayer-3 — it has an additional network interface and supports an internal 3,5" drive. The ethernet port can be used to read media from the network, but cannot be used as network attached storage.

GoDot M8170, M8270, M8370, M8470, M8570

GoDot's HD players have capacity ranging from 2.2gb to 20gb. Each model is very different. They support Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and WMA (some models support DRM).

Hama's VSV-20/VSV-40

The VSV-20/VSV-40 has the usual mobile MP3 HDD player size and can read/write from its 16in1 memory card reader and 20 GB or 40 GB internal HDD. But it can do more than audio (MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, AAC). It supports image (JPEG) and video (MPEG-1/-4) playback on the 2" display and on a connected TV. It even includes a remote control. Beware: Hama has suspended OggVorbis support. However, there is a Firmware update promised to reestablish OggVorbis. If you plan to buy a device check the Firmware download page or better ask them about the current status of OggVorbis support.


See Cowon iAudio above.

iDREAM Jukebox 2.2 GB, 3.3 GB and 4 GB

Those HDD players support OGG and Encode MP3 from Line-In.

InnoAX's InnoPod

This is a iPod mini clone, that supports MP3, WMA, WAV and Ogg Vorbis. It supports recording from line-in and mic, has a 4 GB harddrive and USB2.0.

Iomega's ScreenPlay Pro

Iomega is finally also jumping on the bandwaggon and offers external HDDs with multimedia-playback. The larger version ScreenPlay Pro supports the usual audio and video codecs including Ogg Vorbis. It seems to be a repackaged Mvisto with HDD included ScreenPlay Pro.

iRiver's iHP-1xx, H1xx, H2xx, H3xx, iGP-100

iRiver has also a number of harddisk based items that play back Ogg Vorbis. Older models like the iHP-100 and the iHP-115 come in 10 and 15 GB sizes and need a firmware update (see the support downloads for that). The iHP-120, a 20GB portable player, and the iHP-140, a 40GB version, support Vorbis playback out of the box. Read reviews here: IGN on iHP-100, IGN on iHP-120. The iGP-100, a 1.5Gb portable player, supports Vorbis, according to the FAQ, though no firmware upgrade appears to be required. The new line of harddisk players H120, H140 come in 10 to 40 GB sizes. There is also a product line with USB host function and colour display that supports 32-500kbs: H320, H340]. The newer H10 player does not support Ogg Vorbis.
Many iRiver devices can be loaded with the RockBox replacement firmware which plays Ogg Vorbis as well as adding FLAC playback.


The SSF-M3 comes with 20/40GB storage size, whereas the SSF-M5 has only 1.5 GB. Both support voice recording and FM radio. The SSF-M3 is more stylish and very slim and comes with a docking station.

Jungsoft's Muzio JM-600

This player comes with either 2.2 or 4 GB harddrive and supports MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and ASF. It can record voice and has a FM receiver. What sets this player apart is the LCD — it can show BMPs, JPGs and text. The device can also act as a USB host to support digital cameras.

LG's Mediagate

This player is similar to the Modix or TViX. It is a portable USB HDD equipped with a 2,5" drive (size varies). It plays audio (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA), video (MPEG-1/-2, Xvid, DivX) and images (JPEG). It has composite, s-video and component video output and supports progressive scan, audio output is done through a coaxial and stereo plug. The device is bundled with a remote control.

mobiBLU DHH-200

Modix HD-3510

The HD-3510 is similar to the TViX, as it is sort of a portable multi-talent. It can store and playback audio, video and images, and can be used for other files as well. It can decode MPEG-1/-2/-4 including DivX/Xvid, AC3, DTS, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and JPEG. It uses USB2.0 for data input and has various ouput connectors: anlog stereo and 5.1 out, coaxial digital out, composite, s-video and component video out with progressive scan and HDTV upscaling. The HD-3510 is bundled with a carrying bag and a remote control, but without a 3,5" HDD.

MPeye's HT-100, HT-150

The HT-100 uses a 1,5 GB HDD, decodes MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and supports the usual features. The HT-150 seems to have the same features (maybe a mistake on the website).

mpio HD300, HD200, One

mpio HD300 is a harddisk player with 20GB and supports WAV/MP3/WMA/Ogg Vorbis. It has FM radio, an alarm clock and supports USB 2.0. The HD200 has 5GB storage capacity, a FM radio which can be recorded and supports the same formats as the HD300. Despite its name the One consist of three components: a player, a HDD and a CD-ROM drive, which can be combined with each other. It supports MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, JPG, BMP and MPEG-4 movies. It has a 1" OLED display and will be available from 05/2005.

Macpower Mvisto MV-U2UGS

The Mvisto is a portable hardware enclosure for 2,5" harddrives. It has video and audio outs and decodes MPEG1/2/Divx/Xvid/JPEG/MP3/WMA/AAC/Ogg Vorbis. It comes with a remote control.

Neuros' Neuros II

This mobile player comes either with various harddrive sizes up to 80 GB or as 256 MB flash player. The new firmware to support Ogg Vorbis has been developed by the Xiph.org Foundation. The Neuros Synchronization Manager for Windows is available from the same link and now fully supports the addition of Vorbis files to the Neuros. *nix users can use Xiph.org's Positron, Sean Starkey's Java Neuros Database Manipulator, or Sorune, all of which provide full Neuros database support and other features. Neuros II discontinued. Neuros III is planned but indefinite but they have a roadmap.

Nextway's D Cube NHD-150D

1.5 GB harddisk, USB 2.0, and can broadcast music through a FM transmitter.

Pontis' MX2020

There is now a firmware update for the MX2020 that adds Ogg Vorbis support, which is a portable player for movies, music and photos.

Rapsody's RSH-100

It is similar to the Modix HD-3510, but supports USB host functionality additionally. This web site is dead. The Savit Micro Rapsody RSH-100 can be seen on their site.

Rio Karma

Harddisk of 20 GB. Uses Vorbis and FLAC. Uses USB 2.0 cable or docking station, which offers Ethernet and RCA line-out support. See ING review or Riovolution review for more information. Note that firmware versions prior to 1.25 cause stability problems for some people, visit the support page to get the newest version. The Karma was discontinued in March 2005, Rio (DNNA) effectively dissolved 27-July-2005 assets sold to SigmaTel.

Safa HMP-110R

A portable player with 1.5GB memory, FM-receiver, recording function, upgradeable firmware, etc.

Samsung YH-J70

A portable Multimedia Jukebox as seen on their Cebit 2005 Microsite. Comes with 20/30GB disk, colour display, video player and USB host function. Samsung's support for Ogg Vorbis is reported to be buggy. [1] The Samsung YH925 is falsely advertised to support Ogg Vorbis. [2]

Sitecom's MP-330, MP-010

The MP-330 player uses a 4,4 GB harddrive, USB 2.0 and supports MP3, WMA and (Ogg Vorbis is claimed in the manual but it doesn't play ogg). The MP-010 is a portable media player. As such it supports music, movies and pictures. This includes MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG-1/-2/-4. It has a capacity of 40GB, comes with a remote control and has various ports for the TV.

TEAC MP-1000, MP-2000

TEAC MP-1000 is an ultra-compact harddrive player with 1.5GB capacity and only 70g mass. The follow-up model MP-2000 has 5 GB storage and supports the same formats (MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis).

TrekStor's iBeat 500, iBeat 300, vibez

The iBeat 500 is a portable harddisk player with 20 GB of storage. It supports MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis and uses USB 2.0 to connect to PCs. It has a FM radio and an in-built mic. It seems to be available only in Germany (looks like a rebadged Xclef HD-800). The iBeat 300 uses a 1,5 GB HDD and has a color display. The vibez is available in 8GB, 12GB and 15GB versions. All can play MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and FLAC files.

Unibrain's iZak

This is a portable USB hard disk with 40/80/100 GB of storage. It plays a wide range of video formats, including dixv/xvid/bvix/dvd iso. A good review can be found here.
The most current firmware release supports Ogg Vorbis playback.

Vusys i-DJ 370 and i-DJ 670

4GB and 20GB harddrive players listed as playing OGG on the site. 370 weighs 150g and plays for 10 hours, 670 weighs 165g and plays for 12 hours.

Xclef's HD-800, HD-500

This is a harddisk player with 20/40/60 GB storage size, and can decode MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and WAV. It has a FM radio and a mic for recording voice. Though not mentioned on the web site, the HD-500 does decode Ogg Vorbis. — Site is dead, and as of 2007.05.23 no results come up in Google Product Search.