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Theora Encoders

Mate, I do not know what player you are using, but I've never seen those problems you mentioned. I have thus reverted your edits. Yes, including the GNU one, although for a different reason.

If you believe it only happens with specific files, you may wish to post some example files in the Theora mailing list. I think however that you are using a bad player.

I would like to compliment you, however, on your decision to allow only Theora files in the torrents site linked in your user page.--Ivo 18:30, 30 October 2007 (PDT)

The player is not relevant. Broken a/v sync ffmpeg2theora-produced Theora files are equally broken in MPlayer, Xine and VLC. And working ffmpeg2theora-produced files work equally well in all these players. My search for information indicates that experiences described as "There is a command line tool called ffmpeg2theora, that does a pretty nice job, if it weren't for the fact that the audio and video don't sync." (HOWTO: Rip DVDs to Theora on Linux) are more common than not. This does not mean that the page I edited should mention this, only that there really are a/v sync problems and that this issue must be fixed for Theora to gain any usage-share ("I tried this Theora thing, didn't work, screw you, back to format X which worksforme" is a more likely reaction than "There seems to be a problem with a/v sync, what is the cause of this problem and how do we fix it?").
I will now upgrade from libtheora 1.0_alpha6 to 1.0_alpha7, update ffmpeg and recompile ffmpeg2theora 0.19 just in case and encode various files who turned out broken again just to narrow down if this is a already-fixed-issue (and broken combinations / versions can be listed for reference if this is the case) and make source / result files available and post them to the mailing list for reference if latest ("masked") versions of these packages also fail to produce usable files.
I also have a hope that perhaps files who end up broken could turn out alright if I encode them to another format mencoder and then re-encode them to Theora (which isn't a solution to anything, but atleast it will get Theora files out there and help those poor people in countries with software patentability).
It's alright with me that you prefer to call Linux-kernel based variant of the GNU Operating System as "Linux" (or "table" for that matter). I just assumed you/this wiki/xiph preferred showing support for the GNU project and the FSF over Linus's "open source movement" being that RMS and FSF's support for Theora is basically (as far as what I've seen) the only positive PR it's got. --Xiando 18:42, 1 November 2007 (PDT)
You should use the newest beta of libtheora, not the old alpha versions. If after that you continue to experience the out-of-sync problems you should open a ticket in our trac against ffmpeg2theora (we host the project).--Ivo 20:38, 1 November 2007 (PDT)