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Encoding a Video

Test Media

Get a sample video or two in .y4m format from media.xiph.org.
These videos are relatively large and will take a long time to encode.

There are subsets of 1-second-long videos for faster encoding:

Xiph also maintains a set of still-image collections in .y4m format:

  • Subset 1 (50 images, small training set)
  • Subset 2 (50 images, small testing set)
  • Subset 3 (1000 images, large training set)
  • Subset 4 (1000 images, large testing set)

Using the encoder

Encode the video:

   ./examples/encoder_example -v 30 video.y4m -o video.ogv


  • -v ??? specifies the amount of compression (currently from 0 to 511, where 0 is lossless, 511 is very lossy)
  • video.y4m is the input video you want to encode
  • -o video.ogv is the name of the encoded video file to output.

Use encoder_example.exe -h for the in-built help.