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> detailed descriptions of problems viewing videos in standalone players and browsers

It should be probably specified what video formats can be whined about here (OGG Theora, Dirac?, WebM, Theora inside AVI?, MPEG-2 inside OGG?) otherwise someone reports his Flash11, MP5 or XXX264 issues here one day ;-)


> Opera long supported Ogg playback in developer builds, and finally shipped native

> Ogg support in release 10.5. As of 10.60, WebM is also natively supported.


Nope (no video using Opera 10.63, no video using FireFox 4.0b6) :-(

There are tiny flaws with video playback in Opera, but the possibly much worse thing are the obsolete video "technologies" on their page as well as the lack of Theora and WeBM videos.

DOS386 04:12, 14 October 2010 (UTC)