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Some immediate reactions

I still feel there's something not quite right about having instruments on the same level as roles/contributions rather than one level below. To me it seems that if an actor plays a part then their character has the same type of relationship to their role as an actor as an instrument has to a musician's role as an instrumentalist.

Source is a bit weak currently. If it's going to use a fixed vocabularly it needs at least 'other' in addition to 'unknown'. Also a little ill-defined in a way; you might have ripped it off a CD or encoded from FLAC, but where was it before that? I can see this might be useful for organising music collections though.

Imalone 04:16, 4 December 2007 (PST)

Categories to be free-form?

Should category's sort attribute and the genere element be free-form or use fixed values? I think at least for the sort attribute a fixed vocabulary could be usefull. To provide a fixed, basic sorting mechanism. But what sorts of music are there? Should we use some major music publication's fixed categories? Added by Aleksandersen on December 25, 2007


Can they be specified as a space separated list of languages? I could not figure out from the XML specifications.

The Science of Sleep (example title) is English, so the title element should be xml:lang="eng". But how to deal with the fact that this title is also used in Scandinavian languages? It is not a Scandinavian languag, but the title is used in Scandinavian contries. So … I actually have no idea how to deal with this. Maybe implement the same specifications as used in the HTTP/1.1 specification? They use a lang;q=N,lang;q=N operator to sort multiple languages by priority.

Added by Aleksandersen on January 26, 2008

Why no embedded lyrics field?

Does this: M3F#Describing_related_texts_.28lyrics_and_subtitles.29 allow embedding lyrics into the ogg-file?

mp3's id3v2 supports this since 1998! Also, i wouldn't want my media to secretly load external URLs as implied by the document. --Oggfan 07:24, 8 May 2012 (PDT)