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Name proposal: Daine muta

Hi folks, I'd like to propose "Daine muta" as the name of this codec, to give teh interwebs some hooks to discover some nice secret mystery legends about the codec's "real" origins:

  • Daine of the Immortals (currently the only Daine known to man) can talk to animals, like patent trolls. Daine muta (latin: the mute one) could as well, but stays silent, because she's got not even a bit of an urge to talk to them. Her presence is enough to cheese them off.
  • Muta the goddess was known for pleasing her viewers visually.
  • One of the problems with one binary blob to fuel them all is Cisco's history of cooperating with the US government (read: secret services). Is it just a coincidence, that if you pronounce Daine lazily, it becomes latin "dei"? Now think of which audio codec one would use to compensate the "muta" aspect of Daine muta... move along, folks, nothing suspicious to see here!
  • Another coincidence (I repeat, coincidence) is that goddess Muta's children were spirits that protected normal humans' households. Just like the offspring of Daine muta and some audio codec may protect normal humans' households (specifically, their entertainment equipment) from having to let The Blob enter their home.
  • It sounds like "Mut'ah", which can mean both enjoyment (the entertainmend aspect) as well as compliance (the patent aspect).

All the pieces fit together, you see? ;-) I hope you enjoy, MutantR 03:00, 31 October 2013 (PDT)