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Vorbis rehuff code

Rehuff was a tool to losslessly compress Vorbis files. Latest rehuff version (see rehuff status), had some limits:

  • it's not free software;
  • it has a bug causing the rehuffed file can't correctly seek;
  • it works only with stereo files.

Theora rehuff code

tterribe, on 2007-05-02 in SVN revision r12913, commited a new rehuff code, which works on Theora streams. The code is included in the svn trunk of theora-exp.

How to get it working

  • Get the latest theora-exp:
svn co
  • Compile rehuff code:
cd theora-exp
cd unix
make rehuff
  • Use it:
./rehuff [-s <statsout.txt> ] <infile.ogg> <outfile.ogg>

A try on r14725 version

  • Current version does not rehuff ogg vorbis files.
  • Rehuffing is pretty fast.
  • Rehuffed files, decoded with dump_video, are the same of the original files.
  • Rehuffed files are about 0,4-1,5% smaller than original files.
  • However, when played with QuickTime Player, using QuickTime Components, some rehuffed file seem more blurred at the beginning (e.g., look at the text A New Computer on the rehuff of this file This is not reproducible on VLC, so this may be only a problem of QuickTime Components.