Opus Debut Brainstorm

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Performance Possibilities

There's a spectrum of possible performance types, and we have some decisions to make.

  • Performance spaces: public (i.e. with audiences on-site) or private
  • Number of sites: 2 or more
  • Stream type: audio only, or audio+video

At the low end, we could have a bunch of people playing in their bedrooms, with the audience listening to a stream. At the high end, we could have 3 different sites, each with performers on stage, an audience listening, and two projectors showing live feeds of the other two sites.


  • Taps (totally inappropriate for the mood, but it's Taps!)
  • A terrible song I made up for the occasion

Musicians and Sites

  • DC: Strings and woodwinds courtesy of Kat's group
  • Boston: Good possibility of a variety of singers, as well as classical guitar and piano
  • Needed: singers at other sites for a duet, drummer