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This meeting is scheduled for 2005 April 6 at 23:59 GMT. (That translates to 8:00pm EDT and 5:00pm PDT, Wednesday April 6 for any date -u impaired Americans)

Current meeting agenda:

1. New website


3. Project updates:

  a. Ogg
  b. Vorbis
  c. Speex
  d. Theora
  e. FLAC
  f. Icecast
  g. RTP spec and implementation
  h. XSPF
  i. Directshow filters
  j. IceShare
  k. Postfish
  l. Cdparanoia

4. Other business:

  a. Mailing list administration
  b. Webforums (if any movement on this since last meeting)
  c. Bounties

5. Migrate wiki to trac?

6. revisit ogg123 playing video