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This meeting is scheduled for 2005 February 2 at 23:59 GMT. (That translates to 6:53pm EST and 3:53pm PST, Wednesday February 2 for any date -u impaired Americans)

Current meeting agenda:

1. XSPF.Org discussion; The XSPF founders apparently would like to place their effort under the Xiph umbrella. Given the usefulness of what they're doing and the people involved, I'm all for it.

2. SXSW preparations

3. Website and logo work

4. Project updates (in arbitrary order):

  a. Ogg
  b. Vorbis
  c. Speex
  d. Theora
  e. FLAC
  f. Icecast
  g. Postfish
  h. Cdparanoia
  i. Directshow filters

Do fill in additional items you wish to discuss at the meeting.

-- Monty