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This page is currently inactive and is kept primarily for historical interest.


  • Progress Briefs (10 minutes total, ~3 minutes each)
    • libogg2 docs (duelist)
    • libogg2's libogg1 compatability layer (Arc)
    • OggStream (Arc)
  • Codec Discussion (50 minutes total)
    • Ogg "Raw PCM" and "Raw YUV" codecs (20 minutes)
    • Text-based codecs; annodex and writ (15 minutes)
    • "Effects" codecs (15 minutes)
  • Integration Discussion (No Time Limit)
    • Command-line tools (ogginfo, ogg123, oggenc), future of ogg-tools
    • Stand-alone apps; XMMS, Audacity, Zinf, etc