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# Meeting 2015-05-19

Mumble:  mf4.xiph.org:64738

# Agenda

- reviews
- WebM Summit

# Attending

azita, derf, jack, jmspeex, mbx, MrZeus, tmatth, unlord, yushin, TD-Linux

# reviews


- j: We're submitting Daala. Thomas is preparing the code and Nathan is writing the paper. They'll both fly out to present it in Australia.

# WebM Summit

- d: I got invites yesterday. Does anyone else want to go?
- a: What is the WebM Summit?
- d: Put on by google every 6-9mo about VP8/VP9. June 17th this year.
- j: Probably should be local people only.
- d: I'll get those who are interested invitations.
- a: Probably mbx and I should go too.
- j: Great idea.

(rest of discussion about schedule adjustments. resulting PDF to be posted to wiki later)