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# Meeting 2014-12-09

Mumble:  mf4.xiph.org:64738

# Agenda

- reviews
  - status of #485?
- 32x32 dct (#506)
- SPIE papers
- Update1

# Attending

unlord, xiphmont, jack, derf, jmspeex, td-linux

# reviews

# 32x32 dct

- u: I completed the symmetric scaling of the DST. First pass had 21 multiplies 8 shifts and 37 adds. I should be able to replace 3 of the multiplies with just adds. The next thing to do is the asymmetric 16 point DST. I can piece together the 32x32 DCT from that. Does that seem reasonable?
- d: I'd have to look at a diagram or the code. I can't just answer that from a description.
- u: I have one that I will scan and send you a link to that.
- jm: Also if it's too many ops, landing this can happen and we can fix it later.
- d: It seems landable.

# SPIE papers

- jm: has anyone been able to figure out the length of the papers?
- d: I didn't see any guidelines on that.
- jm: So it's open ended?
- d: As far as I can tell.
- u: Manuscripts should be a minimum of 6 single sided pages.
- jm: What about copyright assignment?
- d: i'll email them about that.
- j: When is SPIE again?
- d: Mid-Feb.
- jm: The deadline is Jan 12. For pvq I was thinking of taking the entire PVQ demo and putting it in the paper.
- u: Manuscript specifications: http://spie.org/x14101.xml
- u: Your manuscript is due 12 January 2015. You may log in now at  http://spie.org/myaccount to begin the manuscript submission process. 
- d: All that stuff is good to have, but that shouldn't be all it is.
- jm: All add in the maths, etc. Can we make clickable PDFs?


- u: Is there somethign to do here yet?
- jm: It's not quite clear what the next steps are except for showing up and presenting. I presume they will schedule your talk somewhere in that devroom, or maybe it has already been scheduled.
- u: My talk request is accepted, but no other info was there.
- jm: Then you just need to figure out where when the talk will be. There are no formal papers or anything.