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# Meeting 2014-09-30
Mumble:  mf4.xiph.org:64738
# Agenda

- reviews
- work weeks and IETF 91
- planning
- Steinar's tests
- intra update
# Attending
azita, derf, gmaxwell, jmspeex, jack, unlord, tmatth
# Steinar's tests
- jm: Monty and I have been looking at this.
- d: We are worse than 261 on one of these.
- j: Should we put these in video-subset-1?
- d: Not sure if they are redistributable
- j: Can someone volunteer to follow up on that?
- j: Random selection has chosen Jean-Marc. Please follow up with Steinar and maybe fbossen to see if we can get permission to redistribute these.
# planning
(reviewed new planning doc)
# intra update
(discussion of above graphs mostly around what they mean and how to get closer to apples to apples comparison with daala master)