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! Maintainer
! Maintainer
| Wiki
| [[XiphWiki:Features|Wiki]]
| wiki.xiph.org
| wiki.xiph.org
| wiki
| wiki

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Service URL VM Host Maintainer
Wiki wiki.xiph.org wiki mf4.xiph.org ePirat
Rietveld review.xiph.org jenkins mf4.xiph.org unlord
Git git.xiph.org - mf4.xiph.org rillian
Subversion svn.xiph.org - mf4.xiph.org rillian
AreWeCompressedYet arewecompressedyet.com awcy catfish.xiph.org TD-Linux
Opus boodler streams opus-codec.org - mf4.xiph.org gmaxwell
Home pages people.xiph.org - mf4.xiph.org
Media media.xiph.org - media.xiph.org
Mail xiph.org - mf4.xiph.org
Trac trac.xiph.org - mf4.xiph.org
Jenkins jenkins.xiph.org jenkins mf4.xiph.org TD-Linux
XiphBot-ng XiphWiki on freenode - mf4.xiph.org TD-Linux
Xiph-mirror github.com/xiph ? ? rillian
Icecast directory dir.xiph.org - dir.xiph.org tbr
Icecast directory beta dir-test.xiph.org ? ? ePirat, tbr