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Schemes such as MDMF require an embedding in physical Ogg streams. This page is for development of a specification for embedding metadata streams in Ogg.

Test Files

It is a barrier to the widespread introduction of any metadata format that the Vorbis I spec only requires players to support an unaccompanied Vorbis stream; many Ogg Vorbis players will refuse to play augmented streams, especially if the content is not recognised (although many recent players do succeed). As a prelude to development of an Ogg metadata format it will be necessary to encourage developers to introduce more flexible Ogg filters.

To help with testing the following files are available, based on a speculative (and very basic) metadata format. In each case the derivative files are under the same license as the original. Two sets are provided to allow chained stream testing. On some players the seek tests produce an annoying clicking—if you like the music get the originals. Please notice that filenames are mixed case and add a note in discussion if you find a broken link.

Original (Vorbis I): Bach - Nun freut euch lieben Christen performed by Debbie Hu, from Pandora Records and available under the EFF OAL.

Original (Vorbis I): On The Moon (Trip Hop mix) by Disharmonic, from ccMixter and available under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.