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This is the todo list for the theora project. If you're interested in helping out please try one of the ideas below, and coordinate with us on the mailing list or irc.

libtheora reference implementation


During TheoraMeeting200804 it was stated that before 1.0, the following should happen:

1.0 was released on 2008-11-03.


According to the 2008-04-01 Theora meeting the '1.0' part (the theora-thusnelda trunk) is to be complete in a month or two I hope.

Theora II

According to the 2008-04-01 Theora meeting that's on the six-month timeframe.

Application Support

Easy Transcoding on Windows

It's difficult for some people to create theora files outside the command line. We need a simple tool that does drag-and-drop transcoding, with a gui for metadata and license marking, and some simple cleanup like crop/scale/rotate and color adjustment. This could be just a wrapper around ffmpeg2theora.

Albeit technically it would be possible (and simple) to do GUI wrapper for ffmpeg2theora it may be wiser to write a completely new application which uses DirectShow to decode the given media file. This way the encoder wouldn't have to ship with evil patented decoders and still can transcode any source the computer can play in e.g. Windows Media Player. - Maikmerten 12:06, 30 July 2007 (PDT)

Quicktime export

It is important that content creators be able to easily create theora videos.

  • write a stand-alone output encoder plugin that does best-practices export
  • do a gui transcode tool, a little like ffmpeg2theora, but pulling from the native quicktime decoders and writing out theora + vorbis/speex. Must have a drag and drop interface with sensible quality presets, metadata insertion. Bonus points for integrated stream sourcing and upload to various free sharing sites with appropriate CC licensing.


  • prove wrong / obsolete all those 1, 2 "Theora is crap" claims