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  • theora: reference encoder/decoder library (previously known as thusnelda, supports all theora features): theora svn, theora official releases.
  • Theorarm: an Ogg Theora/Vorbis decoding library optimised for use on ARM processors: Theorarm web site.
  • Leonora: Theora decoder for the C64x+ DSP coprocessor on the OMAP3 SoC manufactured by Texas Instruments. This series of SoCs is used in a variety of mobile devices including the Palm Pre, Motorola Droid, and Nokia’s N series of phones. Leonora web site.
  • theora-old: old encoder/decoder library (the decoder does not support all theora features, but it was faster than reference theora 1.0 in many cases); theora version up to 1.0 alpha 7 were using this code trunk: theora-old svn.
  • theora-exp: old, no longer developed, experimental encoder/decoder library: theora-exp svn. Its improvements were merged in the 1.1.0 reference library.
  • Cortado: a GPL Java decoder for Ogg Theora, Ogg Vorbis and other codecs. Embedding this applet on your website you can give viewers access to streams from either the Flumotion streaming server or play a local file from your server without the need for a locally installed media player supporting the correct formats on the visitors computer. See also OggHandler.
  • ffmpeg: (only vp3 features, mmx, sse2 optimisations).
  • Etheora: a simplified API to theora reference encoder/decoder.

See also Theora Hardware for hardware implementations.

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