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XSPF MediaWiki Extension

I have been working on some playlist tools for the folktunes archive wiki, but am looking to try and integrate xspf support. Does anybody have any ideas about the best way to input the data? --Forresto 15:42, 18 May 2005 (PDT)


Please edit this to contribute:

 playlist title
 playlist annotation
 [http://...location.mp3 Internal wiki link if info page is internal | Annotation link title]
 [http://...location.mp3 Internal wiki link and annotation link title]
 [http://...location.mp3 Annotation link title]
 [Media:MediaWiki_media_item.ogg | Annotation link title]

Which would output:


  • What would be the nicest way to include playlist title, annotation, creator, info, location, & license?
  • Why hasn't the XSPF MIME (application/xspf+xml) been registered yet?
    • (Because nobody has stepped up to do the work. As of Oct 12, 2005 it looks like DanBri is now taking this on. --Lucas)


See progress on an XSPF MediaWiki extension in development by me. --Forresto 20:20, 19 May 2005 (PDT)

sounds good, but...

Where the heck can i find the spec? This talks all about talking about it, but does not reference the actual definition. Where is the spec defined?