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* Projects
* Projects
* Embedded
* Embedded
?? Comments, please!
?? Comments, please!

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Follow the link above to get a less outdate cache.

If I want something very portable and robust (for sport), then solid state storage is the way to go, right? Some flash based player?

Hi, anyone else thinks the VorbisHardware page could be splitted into 4...6 sub pages in order to structure the growing content?

What about

  • portable hardware players
  • static hardware players
  • third party software in hardware
  • Projects
  • Embedded

?? Comments, please!

Some stats to write down in here: The new VorbisHardware Wiki has been up since 16:29, 27 Aug 2004. Now, one month later this site had more than 4600 visits (grabbed from counter on the bottom). The page is 8.5 screen units to scroll on my 1024px high monitor. Time to reconsider a split of contents as mentioned above? --Bodo 14:49, 29 Sep 2004 (PDT)

Anyone know anything about Frontierlabs and the NEX ia? I have emailed their techsupport numerous times, to try and find out how they are progressing with their Ogg support (if at all), but have never received a reply...