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Is this strictly for professional streams? I would assume so, all independant streams could be listed in the directory. Thoughts?

Since I've been the main contributor (so far, I hope others will add more), the list mostly reflects my own listening interests. There are a bunch of semi-pro streams, for example student or community stations, and a few that seem to be one-man internet-only streams, for example Brazillbient Lounge. So no, not strictly for professional streams. --Andrel 13:08, 26 Oct 2004 (PDT)


In the listening tests at [1] the following quote is found:

"Although Vorbis didn't perform well, almost getting under the big tie at second place, part of it can be credited to the fact that it was being tested at 22kHz. The severe lowpass at this bitrate seems to have introduced serious quality issues in the samples tested. One can hope Xiph enables 32kHz sampling for 32kbps, and further tunes such small bitrates."

Does anyone know if this has been done or if plans are underway to make Ogg Vorbis more dial-up online streaming friendly?


The aoTuV encoder ( ) has some advanced low bitrate tunings (quality modes -2 and -1) that support 44.1 kHz stereo output with bitrates as low as 32 kbps.

Archived Streams

What is the purpose of this section? The listed shows: Quirks and Quarks, LUG Radio, News from Neptune are not streaming media, and so how can these be archived streams? If this section is supposed to be for media archives of live events and live shows, then just about everyong Ogg Vorbis media file will be applicable. Unless I am mistaken about the purpose of this section, I suggest it is removed, since none of the list are streaming in the same sense of that the rest of the page means Vorbis Streams.