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"j^" wrote:

  • > is possible: ffmpeg2theora -f image2 frame%06d.ppm -o output.ogg)
  • > remove ffmpeg2theora section since the bugs / enhancements listed are in svn
  • > FFPMEG2THEORA - bug is fixed in svn, also would be a better place for bug reports

Thanks. Is it supposed to work (undocumented) in 0.19 or will it be in 0.20 ?

Doesn't work for me with PNG in 0.19 ... "frame%06d.ppm" is one file ? And what the "%" is supposed to mean ? Please release 0.20 soon and document the features and syntax ;-)

ffmpeg2theora -f image2 *.png -o output.ogg -> Failure

Is / will be PNG (and BMP) supported or only PPM ?

DOS386 07:39, 2 August 2007 (PDT)

Lossless compression for Theora II ?

Could theora II also have lossless compression integrated.

For many people it is important, especially people who take their movies seriously. or when it matters to have no data loss. Xpete

You had asked this on Talk:Main_Page already. We now have:
  • HuffYUV (free, but GPL'ed, no OGG support)
  • Lagarith (free, but GPL'ed, no OGG support)
  • Dirac lostless mode (BSD-like free, but not yet ready)
IMHO no need for Theora lostless. I suggest suspending this issue for a month or 2, then, when Theora 1.0 is out and Dirac is more mature, choose a preferred OGG lostless video codec ;-) DOS386 21:52, 28 May 2008 (PDT)