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AndreI wrote:

> Why aren't GIF, JPEG, and JPEG2000 on this list?

JPEG2000: highly proprietary

JPEG: proprietary (?), lossy with little benefit only, too much inappropriate usage

GIF: used to be affected by LZW84 patent, this is now expired, but still not fully free (?), obsolete, poor compression, 256 colors only. Problem: no usable PNG animation so far :-(

Saoshyant wrote:

> Is SOM related with PlayOgg? > No, and if you actually want to help promote Open Media formats > like Vorbis avoid them. Threat tactics, desinformation, and ignorancy > do _not_ pass the message we want.

Please rewrite. It's _NOT_ obvious at all who of them (SOM, PlayOgg, Vorbis) is the good and should be promoted and who is the evil and should be avoided ...