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Hello, it seems there is at least one spammer who injects spam into this wiki on a regular schedule. The list of URLs this spammer appends to articles is quite constant (google bombing?).

Is it possible to reject any edits containing certain words (in this case: URLs)?

Maik Merten

According to this page, it is possible to ban certain URLs. "A developer can add their site to the list of bad URLs. You can't save a page with a bad URL in it."
Or, for a first measure, some admin could block the offending ip address(range). Maybe someone also wants to send an abuse record to the corresponding provider, found by a whois query for these addresses.

Proper way to stop spam on the main page is to put the content in templates and protect the main page from editing. --Pmsyyz 16:02, 21 Oct 2005 (PDT)