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Discuss Bad or Broken Links

BBC Backstage Blog

DOS386 pointed out the Theora-encoded video here has no audio track. Regardless, I think this link should stay on the list. It shows the BBC getting behind free software multimedia frameworks, which is important because the BBC is a well known video content producer. Technically, the list shows Theora-encoded videos - and indeed the BBC video fulfills this requirement, even though the audio is missing. --Matthewcraig 08:35, 10 March 2009 (PDT)

> Please do not delete working links without first trying to engage in the Discussion tab.
The link maybe "works", but both "movies" provided are faulty. Theora movie has no sound, and Dirac "movie" seems to be an early immature encoding before spec was frozen, and now obsolete. I'm not rekicking the entry just now but IMHO it should get deleted. Broken movies are not that a good advertising.
> It shows the BBC getting behind free software multimedia frameworks, which is important because the BBC is a well known video content producer.
Nice and right, but then someone should find newer (2009) up-to-date and working movies.
Quality should have preference from amount maximization. Many Theora movies around are obsolete (after spec frozen but with bad quality or hidden "bugs" showing in "some" players. So now after-1.0 movies should IMHO be added preferably. DOS386 2009-March-10, 23:40 (PDT)

Dirac movies

I currently know 2 somewhat working OGG Dirac movies (the garbage discussed above doesn't count). Should they be included here ? Or open a separate list ? DOS386 2009-March-10, 23:40 (PDT)

Discussion around the link to the Wikipedia Comparison of Video Services page

Deleting that whole long discussion because it seems resolved at this point. --Matthewcraig 08:35, 10 March 2009 (PDT)

List Categorization

The list is categorized in a non-alphabetical order for two reasons. First, the purpose of the list is illustrating the use of Theora, so the more interesting and note-worthy usages of the technology are given a higher location in the list, while at the same time keeping the order of the categories sensible. This means the serial videos are kept with the sharing services, the short films are kept with the other short films, and the Linux videos are kept with other technical videos. Secondly, there is a misconception in Internet discussions that Theora is only used by Linux users, so there has been an attempt made on this wiki page to de-emphasize the Linux videos by moving them further down the page. Certainly, we want to list any Linux videos, especially the interesting use of Theora to produce Linux related episodic content. In conclusion, if you are interesting in editing the list categorization order, then please post your ideas here, so they can be discussed first. The order may seem arbitrary, but there is a method, and there may be better orders - so you are encourage to post and promote your ideas here on the discussion page. --Matthew Craig 14:18, 7 November 2008 (EST)