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Create a release directory under

If you are uploading the first release of a project to, then first create a release directory in the svn repository. You can do this using remote svn commands (rather than checking out the entire release archive):

 svn mkdir

Then check that directory out locally:

 svn co PROJECTNAME-releases

Add new release files

Add tarballs etc. to your local checkout of the release directory:

 cd PROJECTNAME-releases
 svn add PROJECTNAME-x.x.x.tar.gz

Then, generate MD5 and SHA1 checksums for these files:

 md5sum *.tar.gz >> MD5SUMS
 sha1sum *.tar.gz >> SHA1SUMS

Check that the only modifications to the checksums are for the new files:

 svn diff

If everything is ok (and the checksums for other files have not changed), commit:

 svn commit


The downloads page is in the normal svn repository for

 svn co

Update it with your release tarball name and checksum, and commit.

Mail appropriate lists

Mail your release notes to appropriate project lists. You may also want to send news to:

 Linux Weekly News <>
 comp.os.linux.announce <>


Sebastian Pipping has a script to add tarballs and update the appropriate web pages for libxspf: You may want to adapt this for your project.