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There are great number of vorbis-supporting players and much smaller subset (if any) of them on sale in local computer store. Many potential buyers of music players balk on doing the necessary cumbersome research work and simply buy whatever model they like, abandoning vorbis requirement.

This page should allow people who need an music player, with relative simplicity walk into a local store at their place and buy the vorbis-supporting player without much hassle.

The places should be named as following: Date (Y-m-d):Country:City or location:Street:Store name:Player model (should be a link to the corresponding player entry on PortablePlayers page.

It is strongly advised for the people who bought an player based on this page recommendation to refer the salesman to this page in hope that the shop would consider to update the page by themselves.

Previously listed places that do not anymore stock vorbis-compatible players should *not* be deleted, but moved to the end of the page.

Put the new entries on top of the list, so that older entries would shift down.

2009-01-01:Israel:Jerusalem:Malcha mall:Bug store:iRiver E100

Obsolete places should be moved to here:

Nothing for now.