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Linux OggPlay Mozilla Firefox plugin installation

1. It is assumed that you managed to check out current sources of the plugin from http://svn.annodex.net/liboggplay/trunk tree (e.g. svn co http:\\svn.annodex.net\liboggplay\trunk ./liboggplay). The rest of the installation steps assume that you checked out the code to the ./liboggplay directory.

2. To compile liboggplay, in the main 'liboggplay' directory do:

make; make install

3. As a result of the checkout you should have a plugin directory under the liboggplay tree. After a sucessful build you should have the following files:


Copy those file to .mozilla/plugins in your local directory by executing copy-plugin.sh or directly copying them e.g.

cd plugin
cp .libs/libnpoggplugin.so $HOME/.mozilla/plugins
cp npliboggplugin.xpt $HOME/.mozilla/plugins

4. The 'plugin' directory also has a test html page you can use to test the plugin (see ./plugin/test/test.html). Alternatively, you can go to: http://media.annodex.net/cmmlwiki/SFD2005-Trailer to test the plugin.

If you can see the video playing using either method the plugin is successfully installed. Enjoy!