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OggPlay is a library designed to allow drop-in playback of Xiph.Org media in an application. OggPlay handles demuxing and decoding, generates timestamps for raw data, maintains synchronisation across multiple streams, and provides a lock-free buffer implementation for easy multithreading.

An example use of OggPlay library is OggPlay Mozilla Firefox plugin demonstrating how the library can be used to provide Ogg playback in a web browser. OggPlay plugin is implemented through Mozilla NPAPI. The target platforms for the plugin are: Linux/UNIX, Win200x/XP/Vista and MACOSX. The libary as much as the plugin are open source under triple MPL/GPL/LGPL license. For more details about Mozilla licesing refer to Mozilla Code Licensing.

OggPlay is a work in progress: the first release should be availably by mid-2007.

OggPlay is located on Annodex, which has been moved in March over to the Xiph.Org servers. SVN access to the source code is available through http://svn.annodex.net/liboggplay/trunk.

Developer's Guide


1. It is assumed that you managed to check out current sources of the plugin from http://svn.annodex.net/liboggplay/trunk tree (e.g. svn co http:\/\/svn.annodex.net\/liboggplay\/trunk \.\/liboggplay). The rest of the installation steps assume that you checked out the code to the ./liboggplay directory.

2. To compile liboggplay, in the main 'liboggplay' directory do:

make; make install

3. As a result of the checkout you should have a plugin directory under the liboggplay tree. After a sucessful build you should have the following files:

plugin/.libs/libnpoggplugin.so<br? plugin/npliboggplugin.xpt

Copy those file to .mozilla/plugins in your local directory by executing copy-plugin.sh or directly copying them e.g.

cd plugin
cp .libs/libnpoggplugin.so $HOME/.mozilla/plugins
cp npliboggplugin.xpt $HOME/.mozilla/plugins

4. The 'plugin' directory also has a test html page you can use to test the plugin (see ./plugin/test/test.html). Alternatively, you can go to: http://media.annodex.net/cmmlwiki/SFD2005-Trailer to test the plugin.

If you can see the video playing using either method the plugin is successfully installed. Enjoy!


The Win32 version of the plugin has been developed and tested on Win200x/XP platforms.

For detailed instructions how to setup Mozilla plugin development environment and start hacking on Win32 version of OggPlay Mozilla Firefox plugin go to:
Win32 Development Envrionment Setup
The same link provides links to the plugin binaries and instructions how to install and test Oggplay Mozilla plugin.


Plugin Javascript API

View the draft OggPlay plugin Javascript API