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This page lists test vectors needed for OggOpus which are specific to the Ogg mapping (separate from the opus bitstream test vectors, though they do some bitstream testing as a side efffect)

  • All test vectors should be chained files with at least two parts
  • Pregap (set large pre-gap with a chime "if you just heard a chime, your player is broken")
  • Multichannel
    • Multichannel stereo (e.g. mono+mono)
    • Multichannel w/pregap and random channel maps
    • Multichannel with silent channels
      • Totally silent multichannel
    • Multichannel with 256 channels
  • Files with replaygain metadata (esp files which are obviously too quiet/loud without applying replaygain)
  • Files with crazy input rate.
  • Header-gain set very high with a very quiet input (silent if you don't implement header gain).
  • Header-gain set very low with an input that will clip a decoder if the header gain is not done internally.
  • Single packet per page
  • Utterly stuffed pages with constant continued pages
  • Files with chimes after the end (testing end length chopping)
  • File with all opus modes and frame sizes
  • Stereo files using many mono frames at the beginning/end