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  • Address wiki spam (Spambots are now the most active "contributors")
    • Use norefer on links to make it less attractive? (default in newer MediaWiki)
    • More conter-measures? (e.g. delete accounts or auto-revert changes by identified spambots)
    • Or why not merely install a CAPTCHA hack for MediaWiki (the software for this wiki)?
  • OggPCM_Draft1, OggPCM_Draft2 the whole process
    • The whole debate has exposed the fact that there is no decision making authority at the moment
      • Some people have suggested creating a "steering committee" below the current board
    • Need a process to "approve" Xiph.Org codecs/standards
    • Some decision has to be made (in the shorter term) as to what version of OggPCM to adopt.
    • Should we define membership to -- e.g. am I (jmspeex) a member?
  • The new site is ready, but someone (with permissions) needs to "install" it instead of the old one.
  • Vorbis stills need more support on portable players. Shouldn't a team of Public Relations cover this issue by contacting as many player producer companies as possible?
  • Any news on incorrect channel order in oggenc/oggdec? Updated audio.c and audio.h files from John Edwards are in oggenc2.8 (source). Also, what about merging the full oggenc2.8 and oggdec 1.9.2 (source) in the standard versions, so also we linux users can use these new advanced features?
  • Suggest supporting OggSkeleton by default in the core Xiph tools that generate concurrently multiplexed streams:Theora's encoder_example, ffmpeg2theora, the elusive OggFile, etc. (added by derf).