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(Thought I'd start this since no-one else seems to have. Mainly based on last month's agenda and meeting. Geoff.)

This meeting is scheduled for 2005 March 2 at 12:00 GMT. (That translates to 7:00am EST and 4:00am PST, Wednesday March 2 for any date -u impaired Americans)

Current meeting agenda:

1. Website and logo work

2. SXSW preparations

3. Project updates (in arbitrary order):

  a. Ogg
  b. Vorbis
  c. Speex
  d. Theora
  e. FLAC
  f. Icecast
  g. RTP spec and implementation (if not previously covered)
  h. XSPF
  i. Directshow filters
  j. iceshare
  k. Postfish
  l. Cdparanoia

4. Other business:

  a. Mailing list administration
  b. Webforums (if any movement on this since last meeting)
  c. Bounties