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= Projects/Formats =
= Projects/Formats =
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== Container Formats ==
== Container Formats ==

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In an effort to bring open-source ideals to the world of multimedia the Xiph.org Foundation develops a multitude of amazing products. This wiki describes our free and open protocols and software.


Container Formats

  • Ogg: Media container. This is our native format and the recommended container for Xiph codecs.
  • Ogg Skeleton: Skeleton information on all logical content bitstreams in Ogg.
  • SpeexRTP: RTP payload format for voice
  • VorbisRTP: RTP payload format for general audio
  • TheoraRTP: RTP payload format for video
  • XSPF: XML playlist format


  • Compressed Audio/Video Codecs:
  • Timed Text/Metadata Codecs:
    • CMML: Continuous Media Markup Language, used for Annodex and subtitles (xine, vlc, gstreamer, and DirectShow support)

Software for distributing media

  • Icecast: Streaming server
  • Ices: Source client for Icecast servers

Other software

Work in Progress

Demonstrations of Xiph technologies

Want to hear Xiph in action? These projects are using our codecs, formats, or libraries.

Project management

Wiki internal