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This is a list of all the current mailing lists. Go here if you want to subscribe to one or more of them.

 List name    Description
 Advocacy      Xiph.Org Foundation codec/tool advocacy
 Announce      Announcements                                 
 commits       Receives full details of all SVN commits
 FLAC          FLAC users list                      
 FLAC-dev      FLAC developers list                        
 Icecast       Icecast users list
 Icecast-dev   Icecast developers list                      
 ogg-dev       Ogg format developer discussions
 Paranoia      cdparanoia users list                         
 Paranoia-dev  cdparanoia developers list                    
 Speex-dev     The Speex speech codec                         
 Theora        Theora video codec users list                
 Theora-dev    Theora video codec developers list
 Tremor        Tremor (fixed-point Vorbis) list
 Vorbis        Vorbis audio codec users list                
 Vorbis-dev    Vorbis audio codec developers list
 xiph-rtp      RTP implementation for Xiph codecs

The XSPF mailing list may be found at MusicBrainz.