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==== VLC ====
==== VLC ====
mime type associations have to be updated so VLC knows that it supports new extensions
==== xine ====
==== xine ====

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We need an RFC registering the mime types and patches for apache ready to go upstream and to all the distros if we're going to do this. -- rillian

This page is for collecting patches related to the MIME type and file extension changes outlined in MIME_Types_and_File_Extensions.

Please add links and information about your favorite applications to this page!


These Media Types must eventually be registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority; however this is not a prerequisite for implementation -- on the contrary, the IETF prefers demonstrable interoperability prior to registration.

Please read the IANA Application for Media Type for details of the registration procedure.


Players, File managers etc.

Applications which read (decode) Ogg files should be extended to additionally recognize the file extensions .ogv, .oga, .ogx as outlined in MIME_Types_and_File_Extensions.


Applications which create Ogg Theora files should be modified to default to the extension .ogv rather than .ogg.

Applications which create Ogg Vorbis or Ogg Speex files should be modified to allow use of the extension .oga, but may continue to default to the extensions .ogg and .spx respectively.




A GStreamer hacker writes: gstreamer more or less doesn't need anything. There's one tiny thing that could be changed, but it's in API that nothing currently uses, so it doesn't matter.



mime type associations have to be updated so VLC knows that it supports new extensions


  • xine ignores file extensions on loading, so it can already play files with the new extension .ogv.
  • xine implements a generic demuxer, so it can already play Ogg Audio (.oga) files containing additional bitstreams, ie. its Ogg Audio support is not limited to Ogg Vorbis I (Vorbis-only) files.
  • xine support for Ogg Skeleton bitstreams.

Nevertheless, this PATCH adds metadata for the new filename extensions and MIME types to xine's Ogg demuxer, which is useful in reporting xine-lib's capabilities.




File managers, servers etc.






PATCH attached to ticket:1189 changes default output extension to .ogv.