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This page lists known problems of latest released Icecast when operating with TLS enabled.

  • 'listenurl' in the internal XML status representation is not protocol aware and will always use 'http' + global hostname (default: "localhost") and port (default: first listen-socket).
  • Virtual playlist files don't work
  • Authentication helper doesn't work (needs verification)
  • Certificate reload is not implemented in 2.4.x. Icecast2 2.4.x needs to be restarted to reload the certificate. (supported in branch ph3-update-TLS.)

TLS Mode compatibility charts

The following tables list Icecast configuration settings (horizontal) versus client settings (vertical).

Note: While auto mode may connect using TLS, it will not establish a secure connection. auto_no_plain will ensure a secure connection.

Icecast2 2.4.x

0 1
disabled Yes No
auto Yes Yes
auto_no_plain No Yes
RFC2817 No No
RFC2818 No Yes

Icecast2 2.5.x (branch "master")

Note: for truth values the following keywords can be used in the configuration: 0, false, no, off, 1, true, yes, on

TLS not configured TLS configured
disabled auto, false disabled auto, false auto_no_plain rfc2817 rfc2818, true
disabled Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
auto Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
auto_no_plain No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
RFC2817 No No No Yes Yes Yes No
RFC2818 No No No Yes Yes No Yes