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Week 1 May 28-June 4
Spent time reading.
Started Wiki, sent mail to Icecast-dev.
Started learning TurboGears.

June 5
Changed MySQLdb to SQLObject in

June 6
Added genre support to Committed and to svn.

June 7-9
Reading Producing Open Source Software and Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears.
I've had a fever and sinus infection, and been away from the computer a lot.

June 10-13
More reading. Pleased to report that my sinus infection is gone and I am much better.
Started designing database, writing pseudocode to figure out how to switch playlists, etc.

June 14-15
Reading Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears

June 16-17
In Chicago for the Cubs game.
Didn't read much, just at the hotel at night.

June 18
Even more reading in Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears
I'm beginning to realize I repeat myself a lot.

June 19
Finally started working on TurboGears frontend.
Planning on committing the project to svn this afternoon after I get a few things written in there, just so I can get SOMETHING in svn because I feel like a slacker.
Committed initial project files to svn.

June 20-24
Added views to TurboGears app.
Added sample metadata to database.
Reading more in Rapid Web Applications with Turbogears to figure out how to get data from forms and stuff.

June 25-27
Some more reading and trying to figure out forms.
I'm looking at Select-Shuttle TurboGears widget for picking tracks from the database, but then i still have to make filtering the data work. Any suggestions?