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The following games use Vorbis, most frequently for their in-game music:

  • DOOM 3: The latest version of this famous first person shooter game from id software uses Vorbis for the theme music as well as their ambient and game sounds.
  • Candy Cruncher: This cute puzzle game from Brian Hook's company, Pyrogon, uses Vorbis for the addictive music you hear while you race the clock.
  • Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project: This game from 3D Realms was released in 2002 and used Vorbis for their music. (Official website is down, using Mobygames link)
  • Dynomite: Puzzle Bobble/Bust A Move clone for Windows by PopCap Games, with mouse control. Uses Ogg Vorbis for nearly all sound effects.
  • Harry Potter II (Chamber of Secrets): This is unsubstantiated, it was reported on one of the vorbis mailing lists, but there is little evidence either way on this title. EA has been supportive of Vorbis though, so it's not entirely impossible. If anyone can give us a yay or nay on this, please do.
  • MotoGP: This motorcycle racing sim uses Vorbis for the music and allows players to drop their own .ogg files into the music dir to listen to them in-game.
  • Tr3s Lunas (aka Music VR episode 1): This game, featuring the music of Mike Oldfield, uses Vorbis for the music.
  • Operation Flashpoint: This highly successful military simulation/action game from Codemasters uses Vorbis for the in-game music.
  • Postal 2: Probably not the game we want to use to showcase Vorbis, but it's being used in this Unreal-engine-powered ultra-violent game.
  • Praetorians: This very successful game from Pyro Studios uses Vorbis for its music.
  • Savage: This S2 Games "RTSS" hybrid genre game uses Vorbis for all the in-game music.
    • I'm a beta tester has this been added yet? I still see quite a few .wav's (trelane)
    • Yes, those are sound effects. Vorbis is only used for music, because you wouldn't want to burden the CPU with decoding 24 oggs simultaneously (slothy).
    • Of course you could decode the sound samples ahead of time and avoid the decode on the fly silliness. (xcaliber)
    • At the expense of load time slowness if you do it then, or install time slowness if you do it during the install. If you do it during the install, you've only saved yourself space on the CD, which you can probably do in other ways as well. Plus most games don't keep all the sounds loaded in memory, so decompressing them to memory isn't a good thing, it's a RAM hog. This is why nobody should use any compressed codecs for sound effects in games. (slothy)
 "The original multilanguage distro took three CDs, and went down to 
 only one after I converted all wavs to oggs. Nifty :) Sadly enough, 
 marketing decided to not have one language per CD anyway (probably to 
 annoy people who migrate) :/ Thanks for a very cool (and easy to use)

 --Vincent Penquerc'h
  • Unreal 2: PC version uses Vorbis, usage on consoles not confirmed.
 "We went with Ogg Vorbis due to its excellent playback and compression,
 and we used it not only for music but also all of the in-game voice.
 Without it, we never would have been able to fit on two CDs."

  • Unreal Tournament 2003: This overwhelmingly-popular multiplayer first person shooter PC title uses Vorbis for its music.
  • Unreal Tournament 2004: Yet another Unreal game which uses Vorbis for the music (What about effects and voice? Does anyone know?). The readme file of the demo even mentions Speex!
  • Star Trek: Away Team: Vorbis is used for all sound in the game - music, voiceover and SFX. This squad-based strategy game is set in the Star Trek Next Generation universe. (Official website is down, using Mobygames link)
  • Nascar Racing Games from Papyrus: They had this to say about their decision and experience:
 "We're using a lot of spoken audio in this title (a first for us) and
 your codec has allowed us to reduce more than 350MB of audio data to
 about 40MB, a huge savings of memory and disk space! We are very
 impressed." --Tom Faiano, Producer 	 

 "Incorprating Ogg Vorbis into our codebase was quite painless, and in the
 end, even refreshing. No fuss no muss. Thank you for your efforts!"
 --Bill Farquhar, Soundguy du jour
  • Shogun: Total War: Shogun uses Vorbis, but only to distribute - everything is decompressed to wav during the install.
  • Rock Manager: Vorbis is used in this "new rock 'n roll management sim for PC from Pan Vision and Monsterland".
  • Swarm: A fun little arcade shooter.
  • Ricochet: An addictive version of Break out.
  • Lionheart - Legacy of the Crusader: An 3/4 RPG from Black Isle. Uses Vorbis for all audio. Thanks to all the guys that made Vorbis great.. (I even donated money myself, someday maybe I can convince the company to kick in some bucks as well). Official site is down, using mobygames link.
  • Urban Dominion (beta): First Person Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game by Global-Gaming. Uses Ogg Vorbis for the sound system.
  • Vietcong: Vietnam War First Person Shooter by Pterodon. Uses Ogg Vorbis I believe for the background music.
  • Lineage II: NCSoft Corporation's 3D MMORPG Lineage II uses Ogg Vorbis for its music. They use 1.0beta3, though.
  • Live for Speed: Online racing simulator uses Ogg for all audio and sound effects.
  • Tuxtyping 2: Educational typing tutor for kids of all ages!
  • The Ur-Quan Masters: Port of Star Control 2 to modern computers. Toys for Bob released the source of this amazing game under the GPL in 2002. Ogg Vorbis is used for the dialogue and the background music.
  • There: uses both Ogg Vorbis for the sound effects and Ogg Speex for realtime group voice chat, a first for an immersive consumer-oriented world. Voice has become a very popular part of our product! ** posted by David Weekly, a There developer.
  • Hitman 2: uses Vorbis. (PC only or consoles too?)
  • Recent Legacy of Kain Games: On the PC, both Soul Reaver 2 and Blood Omen 2 by Crystal Dynamics/Eidos use Ogg Vorbis for music and sound effects. (Source: [1])
  • Halo: Mac and PC versions of Halo use Ogg Vorbis for all audio, it seems. The Xiph license and dynamically linked libraries of Ogg and Vorbis are included in the Halo directory. XBox version does not use Ogg Vorbis.
  • Ostrich Runner by Geleos: This funny russian cartoon-style game for kids and not only kids uses Ogg Vorbis for sound, speech and music.

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