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What's happening in the world of Xiph? See Wikipedia:Current events for an example of what this should become like.


Release of FLAC 1.2.0 (Jul 24) and libvorbis 1.2.0 (Jul 25) - the same version number and almost same time is coincidence only.

  • FLAC news: minor speedup, internal changes, same compression as 1.1.4
  • OGG VORBIS news: security bug fixed, better multiplex stream support


Things are happening in Xiph.

  • ffmpeg2theora 0.19 was released.
  • libao 0.8.8 was released.
  • the XSPF Validator has moved to //
  • the MIME Types and File Extensions proposal is now an official Xiph recommendation; RFC to follow


libSpiff is now part of Xiph, and the official library for XSPF.


FLAC 1.1.4 released. changelog


VLSI Solution Oy has announced VS1000, the first 16 bits DSP device for playing Ogg Vorbis on low-power and high-volume products.


RAD Game Tools, which makes multimedia engines for several videogames, has now incorporated Ogg Vorbis support in their Miles Sound System. Their official announcement regarding Ogg Vorbis support can be found here.


CBC is broadcasting both their Radio One and Two in Ogg Vorbis! Radio One is pretty stable and fast-loading.


Speex released.


Icecast 2.3.1 released.


FreeWaveOnline is a new Web-radio dedicated to Free Music. It use XSPF playlists[1]. This radio station is in french, but music is international ;)


libtheora 1.0 alpha 5 released. [2]


Vorbis 1.1.1 released. Some bug and documentation fixes, but no new encoder modes. [3]