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  • Edit to have a proper (like '0.5.7')
  • Tag new cortado locally, e.g. 'git tag 0.5.7'. !!! Make sure to commit the change above BEFORE tagging !!!
  • Build tar with 'ant distcheck'
  • Verify that builds from the tar in output/dist/src work and display a sensible version
  • Compile with any JDK 'ant release' (NOTE: New JDK mandates using proguard!!)
  • Pass the cortado-ovt-stripped-* jar through proguard 4.5b3 or later using the configuration in the repo and replace the stripped version with the result
  • Test to make sure the resulting jars are usable
  • Publish the tag to the upstream repository, e.g. 'git push --tags'
  • Copy the working .jar files to a checkout of
  • Copy the -stripped- jar to cortado_latest.jar
  • Update the checksums, e.g. 'md5sum cortado-0.5.7.tar.gz cortado-0.5.7-*.jar >> MD5SUMS.txt'
  • Put the latest, debug, stripped versions on with 'svn commit'
  • Nag drac667 to sign the binaries
  • Post the signed version to
  • Post the signed version to as cortado.jar
  • Update this list