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Sets are enumerated in the sets.json file in the rd_tool repository. This page also provides a brief summary of the test sets.

Downloads are available at the bottom of Derf's test video page.

  • objective-1-fast - Official test set.
  • objective-1.1 - Slow version of official test set. Has 4k video, and twice as many sequences.
  • subset1/2/3/4 - Official still image sets.
  • objective-1-smc - objective-1-fast, but monochrome and only 30 frames. Useful for testing.
  • video-1-short - Deprecated collection of 30 frame video clips @ 720p or below
  • video-hd-1, video-hd-2, video-hd-3 - Deprecated collection similar to video-1-short, but up to 1080p
  • length-test-1 - One 540p video clip at 15, 30, 60, 120, and 240 frames. Useful for debugging.
  • netflix-4k-1 - All of the Netflix 4k clips at 10 bit, 120 frame length. Not recommended to use as it's painfully slow.
  • netflix-2k-1 - Same, but scaled to 2k.
  • twitch-1 - All twitch clips, 120 frame length, 4:4:4 YUV.
  • vc-360p-1, vc-720p-1 - Video conferencing clips, 300 frames and 250 frames respectively. Useful for testing rate control.
  • screenshots - A bunch of screenshots of software taken from Wikimedia.